Our ongoing and overriding mission is to help our customers to be more efficient, save time and have more knowledge. However, such grand goals require time and effort to achieve; something that we are very aware of.

Having the dream is one thing but if we’re going to make a difference in the accountancy world then we need to find a way to get it to people faster.  It’s all very well and good having a cracking software solution, but if the there is a bit of work to get set up, what do you do?

Enter Jump Start

Our latest innovation now enables our new customers to start using the software immediately by introducing them to the software via our Jump Start pages.  This takes new customers through different pages to enable them to self-serve and set up their practice.

This journey ensures that everyone is focussed and knows what to do and when to do it.  Our teams can jump in and help where needed, but with the clever setup, intuitive design and easy instructions, you’ll find it a breeze to get started.

Once our Jump Start has been completed we’ll then upload your data, make connections to your integrated software additions, and ensure your processes (bespoke if required, at no extra cost) are set up within mTrio ready for you to get managing your deadlines.

Not only will mTrio make your practice easier to run but now you’ll be up and running much quicker, giving you, even more, time to build your practice.

Contact us on 01392 580011 or visit www.mtrio.io for more information