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at the heart of your practice

We have built a system that delivers the best client experience for your small accounting firm

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Key People

Samantha Doyle

Support Manager

With a wealth of knowledge gained from working in an accountancy practice and implementing their solution, Samantha delivers an all-round customer experience so that you get the most out of your software.

Jessica Pillow

Managing Director

Voted one of the world’s most inspiring accountants, Jessica runs award-winning Pillow May.  Never one to compromise on efficiency, when the market was found lacking, Jessica collaborated with industry experts to devise mTrio – a single platform that proved to have sector-wide benefits.

Ashley Leeds

Sales Director

Ashley loves helping people to become more efficient and use technology to their advantage.  With over 10 years of helping accountants with their software, Ashley has an in-depth knowledge of the issues facing practices.

Ross Layton

Product Designer

From working in large banks and corporate IT teams, Ross has a wealth of experience building, designing and implementing powerful software solutions.

Karen Reyburn

Marketing Consultant

An expert female voice in a male-dominated industry, Karen speaks regularly for organisations such as Xero, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW) and BKR International.

Simon Goodyear

Product Developer

Simon has been developing software for over 20 years and loves solving problems to improve the user experience.

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We are taking registrations to trial our exciting new software when it is launched in January, but you’ll have to be quick as we have limited places.  The number of spaces left is shown in the spinners above.

Don't just take our word for it though

During the last 12 months people have been using our software and here are some quotes from happy users.

Using mTrio makes me feel organised and on top of what we need to do. We can keep an eye on tasks, we can see where we are with them, what still needs to be done, etc, all at a glance. We are able to follow a proper workflow without mountains of paper checklists.

Cheryl Price

Owner, CH Accountancy & Bookkeeping Ltd

mTrio has helped me to become organised, structured, relieved, and relaxed! Have visibility of workload – current and future – with all the data I need in one place. Now when I drink wine I am doing so because I’m relaxed rather than needing it to calm down

Wendy Bott

Owner, Accounting Pig


E.   heart@mtrio.io

S.   support@mtrio.io

T.   01392 580011

Registered in England as    Mint Trio Ltd. Co. No. 10242927


Registered Address

The Coach House, Bremhill Grove Farm, East Tytherton, Chippenham,  Wiltshire

SN15 4LX


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